Female singers are a dime a dozen, but true talent is hard to find.  Rehme Sutton is just that; true talent, with a distinctive sound and songwriting that captivates an audience in the first verse. Growing up on a South Dakota ranch, Rehme was raised with a passion for life, a devotion to family and the  dedication and drive rarely found in today’s  generation. In true country lyric fashion, she packed up and left home to pursue her musical dreams.  With a handful of songs, a guitar and a lot of guts – she set out on a mission to make her dreams a reality.  Recording her debut album with Josh Serrato (of Six Market Blvd.) behind the  production helm, Miss Sutton has lit a fire. “What Goes Around Comes Around”, her first single to hit radio tells the story that every girl knows and loves to turn up loud and sing-a-long to. “Heart of Stone” with steel guitar licks that float in and out with a haunting melody and a vocal performance that will leave you begging for more, is another stand out on the album.  With every track on her debut album Rehme Sutton will cement her voice and style into your daily listening requirements, but none will do so as strongly as the final track.  “Billie’s Song”, one of her first efforts into the world of songwriting will bring a tear to your eye and goosebumps on your arms.  Written for her brother who suffered a near catastrophic bronc riding accident, Rehme’s heart is worn directly on her sleeve and can be heard in every note of every verse.  “Long Road Home” is just the begining, her live show will have the whole venue up and out of their seats dancing, she isn’t just another ‘chick singer’ – she sets the stage on fire.  Rehme Sutton is here to stay, her goals were simple when she started – Play Guitar and Write a Great Song; it looks like she is gonna have to set some new goals.